The Real News reports from the ground in DC, speaking with Palestinian Americans marching for their loved ones killed by Israel, and their allies who have hit the streets in solidarity.
After three months of carnage, the US continues to support Israel’s genocide in Gaza. While the bombs rain down, tens of thousands are killed, more are seriously injured, and millions are displaced, protests have raged across the country and around the world, with demonstrators calling for an immediate ceasefire, an end to US aid to Israel, and an end to Israel’s occupation of Palestine. Building on the previous, record-breaking March on Washington for Palestine last November, dozens of organizations held a second march on Saturday, Jan. 13, with tens of thousands converging on Freedom Plaza in downtown Washington, DC (organizers estimate the number of people who attended over the course of the day is in the hundreds of thousands). Reporting on the ground once again, TRNN Editor-in-Chief Maximillian Alvarez returns to DC to speak with demonstrators at the March on Washington for Gaza.

This podcast also includes clips from Palestinian-Americans who spoke at the rally, courtesy of BreakThroughNews . Watch the full livestream of the rally.

‘A permanent ceasefire means a free Palestine!’ Voices from the March on Washington for Gaza