The current events in Palestine have prompted a large number of filmmakers to make their films about Palestine available to watch online for free, in addition to films previously available.

A large group of Palestinian films that were released on the Palestine Films website to document the Palestinian film:

Documentary films (more than 300 films):
Feature films (25 films):
Animated films (5 films):

Lists on YouTube of about 40 films about Palestine that were broadcast on Al Jazeera Documentary:

A collection of Palestinian films, some of which are available for free:

A collection of short films by Palestinian female directors:

Gaza Surf Club documentary:

The Memory Keeper documentary:
The documentary film, An Empty Seat:
The resistance pilot documentary:
The documentary film Jenin Jenin:
The Olive Tree documentary by the French Cinema Group:
The documentary film Scenes from the Occupation in Gaza:
The documentary film Gaza Struggles for Freedom:
Documentary film: Arna’s Children:
The short feature film Strawberry:
The short feature film The Place:
The Mayor Documentary:
The documentary film “The Creation and the Nakba 1948”:
The documentary film Occupation 101:
The documentary film The Shadow of Absence:
The documentary They Don’t Exist:

The documentary, as the poet said:
The documentary film Five Broken Cameras:
The feature film Heaven Now:
The feature film The Tale of the Three Jewels:
The documentary film:
The feature film The Remaining Time:
The short narrative film Palestine Abnadam:–r85cOoXM
The feature film Wedding of Galilee:
Keffiyeh documentary:
Hip Hop Swinger Documentary:
The documentary film Tal Al-Zaatar:
The documentary film Tal al-Zaatar – Secrets of the Battle:
The documentary film In the Grip of the Resistance:
The documentary film Marajeh:
The documentary Naji Al-Ali is an artist with a vision:
The documentary film, Al-Fawqa Gate:
The documentary film: In Search of Palestine:
The feature film Salt of this Sea:

Film documents: Tell me, bird:

Alienation series:

Anna Jerusalem series: