by Amjad Alqasis

In the midst of the ongoing Israeli onslaught on Gaza, whereby the Israeli authorities are being accused of actions tantamount to war crimes, crimes against humanity and potentially genocide, the international community by and large remains unwilling or unable to provide humanitarian aid and ensure the safety of the local Palestinian population.

When placed in the context of recent history, it appears to be a continuation of a grim Israeli policy: the forced displacement of Palestinians from their own land. This isn’t just happening through mere intimidation; it’s the result of violent military offensives and more 17 years of a devasting siege on the Gaza Strip that have resulted in the forcible displacement of tens of thousands of Palestinians, plunging them into unimaginable suffering. The current Israeli offensive has in less than a week already created hundreds of thousands of displaced persons, and the occupation state has just announced that more than 1 million people should leave their homes in Northern Gaza within less than 24 hours which will result in further misery and displacement.

Israel is likely to give the Palestinians just two options: forced population transfer or genocide