The Palestinian society is one of the youngest in the world, and yet the voices of the younger generation are hardly heard around the world. The current deadlock in Palestinian politics and the continued Israeli oppression on the ground requires to listen to younger voices from the Palestinian communities wherever they are. The vision of the future evolves around questions of statehood, return, modes of struggle, human and civil rights, gender issues, relations with religion and culture and many more pieces that build a better reality than the one experienced by Palestinians today. A major challenge facing any young generation within a veteran liberation movement is to improve the options for social and political mobilities. With better chances of moving into leading positions, the younger generation would have a greater say in strategizing forward the liberation struggle in Palestine.We will gain a glimpse of their aspirations.


Hassanal: Okay everyone, so once more thank you for joining us today in another
webinar organized by the Movement for Liberation from Nakba and today’s webinar, the
topic is going to be on Palestinian youth and their perspectives on the struggle for the
idea of the liberation of Palestine itself and also what it means for the future of Palestine
as well. But the most important thing to take away from what I hope to convey in this
webinar today is what we all would like to convey is about the future of the struggle for
liberation itself and what it means to the future generations. So that’s why the
perspectives of what the use of this struggle has to say is very much important because
they’re the ones that are going to carry into the future and carry forth a strong tradition
of what it means to struggle against oppression and of course against some powerful
force that seeks to craft its own history and place itself above all others. So without
talking too much more on my side on that one I would like to pass the floor to our
moderator for the session and of course our first speaker Areej Jafari. Areej the floor is
yours, I like to open the floor to you all.

Areej Jafari: Right, thanks a lot Hassanal, assalamu alaikum, good evening, good
morning wherever you are I hope you’re all doing well and safe and healthy. It’s such an
honor for me to be here and I’m very grateful and thank you MLN so much for
organizing this event and for including me as part of your guest speakers with a great
group of people with us from different parts of the Middle East and the world. I think it’s
fundamental to strengthen our efforts in advocacy for Palestinian cause in the east and
the south of the world a lot of efforts are more geared toward the north and the west of
the globe.

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