The source, who is involved in the reinvasion, for the third time, of the Shejaiya neighborhood in Gaza City said that Hamas has established dozens of fighting positions in the area, especially in the places where Israeli forces conducted military operations six months ago.

Last Wednesday, the Israeli army announced the start of a surprise ground operation in the Shejaiya to, according to its own claims, dismantle the Hamas infrastructure, which is still active there.

It said that the operation was based on intelligence information indicating the presence of militants and military infrastructure in the area.

The resistance in Shejaiya seemed as organized as it was during the first Israeli invasion, raising questions about the purpose, or futility of the Israeli war.

The Israeli army claimed that it “has identified how Hamas has recovered in Gaza City in recent months in terms of governance, which was reflected not only militarily,” Yedioth Ahronoth wrote.

Hamas Paying Salaries – Shejaiya Battle Shows Futility of Israel’s War on Gaza