Under this title, the Hebrew newspaper “Haaretz” published an article by the famous Zionist writer (Ari Shavit) in which he says: It seems that we are facing the most difficult people in history, and there is no solution for them but to recognize their rights and end the occupation.

Shabit began his article by saying: It seems that we have passed the point of no return, and it may no longer be possible for “Israel” to end the occupation, stop settlement, and achieve peace. It seems that it is no longer possible to reform Zionism, save democracy, and divide the people in this country.

He added, if the situation is like this, then there is no taste for living in this country, and there is no taste for writing in “Haaretz,” and there is no taste for reading “Haaretz.” We must do what Rogel Alfer suggested two years ago, which is to leave the country. If “Israeliness” and Jewishness are not a vital factor in identity, and if every “Israeli” citizen has a foreign passport, not only in the technical sense, but also in the psychological sense, then the matter is over. You must say goodbye to friends and move to San Francisco, Berlin or Paris.

From there, from the lands of the new German extreme nationalism, or the lands of the new American extreme nationalism, one must look calmly and watch the “State of Israel” take its last breath. We must take three steps back and watch the Jewish democratic state sink. The issue may not have been resolved yet.

We may not have passed the point of no return yet. It may still be possible to end the occupation, stop settlement, reform Zionism, save democracy, and divide the country.

The writer continued, “I put my finger in the eyes of Netanyahu, Lieberman, and the neo-Nazis, to wake them up from their Zionist delirium, that Trump, Kushner, Biden, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton are not the ones who will end the occupation.”

It is not the United Nations and the European Union that will stop settlements. The only force in the world capable of saving Israel from itself is the Israelis themselves, by creating a new political language that recognizes reality and that the Palestinians are rooted in this land. I urge you to look for the third way in order to survive here and not die.

The writer in Haaretz newspaper confirms: Since they came to Palestine, the “Israelis” have realized that they are the result of a lie created by the Zionist movement, during which it used all deception on the Jewish character throughout history.

By exploiting and exaggerating what Hitler called the Holocaust, the movement was able to convince the world that Palestine is the “Promised Land” and that the alleged temple is located under the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Thus, the wolf was transformed into a lamb that was suckled by the money of American and European taxpayers, until it became A nuclear monster.

The writer sought help from Western and Jewish archaeologists, the most famous of whom is “Israel Flintstein” from Tel Aviv University, who confirmed that “the Temple is also a lie and a fairy tale that does not exist, and all excavations have proven that it completely disappeared thousands of years ago, and this was stated explicitly in a large number of Jewish references.” , and many Western archaeologists have confirmedthat …

The last of them was in 1968 AD, the British archaeologist Dr. Caitlin Kabinos, when she was director of excavations at the British School of Archeology in Jerusalem. She carried out excavations in Jerusalem, and was expelled from Palestine because of her exposure of “Israeli” myths about the presence of traces of Solomon’s Temple under Al-Aqsa Mosque. ..

Where I decided that there were no traces of the Temple of Solomon at all, and I discovered that what the Israelis call
“Solomon’s Stables Building” has nothing to do with Solomon or stables in the first place. Rather, it is an architectural model of a palace commonly built in several areas of Palestine. This is despite the fact that “Kathleen Kenyon” came from the Palestine Exploration Fund Society, for the purpose of clarifying what was mentioned in the biblical narratives, because it There was great activity in Britain in the mid-19th century around history”Near East”.

He stressed that the curse of lying is what haunts the “Israelis”, day after day, slapping them in the face in the form of a knife in the hands of Maqdisi, Khalili and Nabulsi, or with a stone or a stone or a bus driver from Jaffa, Haifa and Acre.

The “Israelis” realize that they have no future in Palestine, as it is not a land without people as they lied to. Here is another writer who acknowledges, not only the existence of the Palestinian people, but rather their superiority over the “Israelis” – Gideon Levy, the leftist Zionist, when he says:

It seems that the Palestinians have a different nature from the rest of humanity. We occupied their land, and we called their youth prostitutes, prostitutes, and drug addicts. We said that a few years would pass, and they would forget their homeland and their land, and then their young generation exploded the 1987 Intifada. We put them in prisons and said, “We will raise them in prisons.”

Years later, after we thought they had learned their lesson, they returned to us with an armed uprising in the year 2000, devouring the land. We said we would demolishو their homes and besiege them for many years, and then they extracted impossible missiles to hit us with, despite the siege and destruction. So we began planning for them with walls and barbed wire. .

And then they came to us from underground and through tunnels, until they killed us in the last war. We fought them with our minds, and then they seized the “Israeli” satellite (Amos)? They bring terror into every home in “Israel” by broadcasting threats and threats, as happened when their youth were able to seize control of the “Israeli” Channel 2. In summary, it seems that we are facing the most difficult people in history, and there is no solution for them but to recognize their rights and end the occupation.

Writer: Ari Shavit

Source: Hebrew newspaper Haaretz.