That Hamas is currently leading the people of Palestine does not indicate that something called political Islam is escalating violence on the ‘innocent’ State of Israel. Israel was created by a racist myth, that Palestine was a “Land without a People”. The victors in World War II washed their hands off the long history of Christian Europe’s anti-semitism and chose the option of pushing all Jews to a place on which their claim is ridiculous, since Jewish and antecedent tribes had been evicted from this part of the world in the days of the Roman Empire.

Moreover, violating the UN’s proposed template, the Zionist aggressors depopulated and destroyed over 500 Palestinian villages, expelled over 7,00,000 Palestinians, and started a never-ending process of encroaching on Palestinian territories. The Israeli Nationality Law of 1952 formalized the process by declaring the former Palestinian citizenship to be devoid of substance.

Palestinians have fought back under increasingly difficult circumstances, with Arab states making peace with Israel, and the United States backing Israel in a sustained way.

Palestinian resistance has in recent years of necessity mostly been peaceful, even though Israel takes violent action against any resistance whatsoever. Gaza has been under blockade for 16 years and has suffered a dramatic humanitarian situation ever since, not to mention the repeated humiliations, deaths and bombings. For a long time, the news focused on the cycle of provocations, rockets, bombings and calls for “de-escalation” from “both sides”. The Israeli strategy has consisted of repeated physical elimination of activists and opponents of the occupation.

The scale of the attack on Israeli occupiers yesterday, has taken the Israeli establishment, including its military, by surprise. This attack has of course been condemned by “world leaders”—the pack of global reactionaries that include the likes of Biden, Macron, Sunak and Modi, whose regime has been using methods and practices perfected by Israel in Kashmir and in other parts of India. What is surprising is the hesitation on the part of those outside such circles to take a principled political stand.

An oppressed people have the full moral right to resist, including by military means. The oppressor, however, does not have the moral right to oppress by military or any other means and cannot justify such behaviour in the name of ‘self-defence’ While it is not for us to decide on the particular tactics adopted by the Palestinian Resistance, we do urge that all efforts be made to avoid targeting or hurting unarmed civilians. This is a fundamental humanitarian principle applicable to all sides involved in any kind of armed struggle.

We call upon the Left, working class organisations and all civil society associations committed to democratic rights to express solidarity with the people of Palestine.

Oppose Israel’s indiscriminate and terroristic air bombardments and military action

Support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Campaign against Israel,

Call for the dismantling of the Settler-Colonial Apartheid state of Israel

Say no to the Abraham Accords

From the river to the sea

Palestine will be free

From, Achin Vanaik