A previous video had shown a Qassam fighter crossing his legs while firing a Yassin-105 rocket towards an Israeli tank, a short distance away.

The latest video by Al-Quds Brigades, however, adds a new component to the story: the fighter, this time, has a cup of coffee as he crosses his legs while shelling an Israeli occupation force.

The video has predictably ignited Arabic social media with comments about the bravery of Palestinians, 242 days after the start of the Israeli genocide in Gaza.

The video also contains a message to the Israelis, that the Resistance is prepared to fight a long war, and that repelling invading Israeli forces in Gaza has now become a routine, as in drinking a cup of coffee in the morning.

Below are the latest statements by the two main Resistance forces in Gaza, and the Lebanese Resistance Movement Hezbollah.

Morning Shells and Coffee – Resistance Roundup – Day 242