The Movement for Liberation from Nakba (MLN) hosts the internationally renowned Haaretz journalist Gideon Levy. A rare voice in the moral wilderness of the Israeli Jewish society. Tirelessly, decade after decade, in his weekly report, Levy does not allow the Israeli readers, and his many readers around the world, to forget the human faces of the Palestinian victims of the Israeli occupation. Levy goes and visits the families, gives them a voice and exposes the brutality that the occupation is inflicting on millions of innocent Palestinians. Levy also writes brave op-eds in which he does not hesitate to point to Israeli officers and soldiers as war criminals, exposing the apartheid nature of the state of Israel and advocating clearly the need to establish a democratic state all over historical Palestine. He also does not hesitate to call for external pressure on Israel in order to force it to change its policies.

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Hassanal: All right, so thank you everyone for joining us today for the “Movement for Liberation from Nakba” webinar, “Apartheid Israel: The New Reality.” In this particular webinar, we’ll be joined by our esteemed guests, Gideon Levy, an internationally renowned journalist and a rare voice in the moral wilderness of the Israeli-Jewish society.

I will not take up too much time with the introduction, because I will leave it in the capable hands of our moderator today, Professor Ilan Pappe. Professor Pappe, I will leave the floor to you now to begin the webinar.

Ilan Pappe: Thank you very much, and thank you to the committee of the MLN for organizing this webinar and all the other webinars that you’ve organized in the past. I’m sure there will be many more in the future.

It’s a great pleasure for me to moderate the meeting with my very good friend, Gideon Levy. As Hassanal mentioned, Gideon is a rare voice in the moral wilderness of the Israeli-Jewish society. Since the 1980s, he has been covering the effects of the criminal Israeli policy towards the Palestinians in the West Bank and in the Gaza strip. His journalistic work for which he was respected and still is respected around the world and for which he was awarded several awards. I would just mention one of them, which is very important, but there were many others. The Olive Palmer Prize, which he received together with the Palestinian Pastor Dr. Mitri Raheb in 2016.

Transcription – Apartheid Israel