Within the framework of the ongoing efforts of the Turkish forces to conduct a demographic change in various ways and means in Afrin area north-west of Aleppo, after violating civilians’ properties, seizing agricultural lands and displacing one-third of its natives. On this context, “Ahrar Al-Sharqiyah” built a new residential complex on the road between Jinderes-Afrin, after cutting down 280 trees, which belonged to two displaced persons from Shitka village in Maabatli district in Afrin countryside, to settle families loyal to them.
According to SOHR sources, this residential complex will be provided with 200 prefabricated houses by the Palestinian “Ajnadin” organisation, after “Ahrar Al-Sharqiyah” faction signed a contract with it under Turkish approval. The contract states that the complex will be directly supervised by the organisation.
As a first step, 20 prefabricated house were sent to the new residential complex, where the remains houses will be sent in batches. It is noted that the Turkish-backed factions work on settling their families inside camps and residential complexes, in order to obtain relief materials, impose their power on those camps and complexes and to conduct the project of demographic change in the region.